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lol a conversation across time and space. at least its all the same year... thanks for the reply, that makes a lot of sense, especially the bit
since that removes the very functionality that you are trying to expand on by extending another struct

i'm slightly expanding this topic to multiple inheritance in general. i'm making a larger scale game and i want to be able to describe different types of complex enemies (each type represented as their own struct) in terms of an interface ILoadable, so they all can be stored in a list of ILoadable instances that exists in a Level struct and then loaded and unloaded as that Level needs. i'd also like to describe only some of these enemies with another interface, say IRespawnable or something like that, but can't via multiple inheritance. to use inheritance of a single object here, i'd need to expand the scope of my inherited thing to include all properties, relevant or not for its children

do you have a recommendation for designs that could handle this best?

now that wc3's array size limit is quadrupled, would you be at all willing to expand vjass to allowing structs to inherit from more objects? i really like multiple inheritance as a tool for controlling the scope of inheritance relationships, though i'm interested in any alternative approaches to it
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