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Default Scaling Doodads

Scaling Doodads
This tutorial is intended for new mappers. You will know how to re-scale
doodads here.
1. Classification of Doodads
2. Doodad properties
3. Default Scale
4. Scaling doodads

Classification of Doodads
If you press "D" in the keyboard you will immediately see the doodad
palette. In the doodad palette, the doodad list will include the following:
Bridges/Ramps, Cinematic, Cliff/Terrain, Environment, Pathing Blockers,
Props, Structures, Trees/Destructibles, and Water. The Object Editor classifies
these list into two - the Destructibles and the Doodads. The Destructibles includes
Tress/Destructibles, Pathing Blockers, and Bridges/Ramps. The Doodads includes
Props, Structures, water, Cliff/Terrain, Environment, and Cinematic. We will be talking
on the doodads as classified in the object editor.

You can see the following when you click a doodad in the object editor:
Click image for larger version

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Doodad Properties
Doodad properties differ from one doodad to another. Those which are classified
as doodads in the object editor has only two properties - Rotation and Scale (%).
Click image for larger version

Name:	Doodad prop.jpg
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ID:	50265 Doodad property.

Default Scale
By default, the scale in minimum scale of a doodad in X, Y, and Z axis is 80% or 0.80
while its maximum scale is 120% or 1.20. These default scale can be reduced or increased by re-scaling it in the object editor.

Scaling Doodad.
1. Hit F6 in the keyboard then left-click doodads.
Click image for larger version

Name:	Object Editor.jpg
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2. Find the doodad you want to re-scale. For instance, we want to re-scale Altar, Altar is categorized as Props
so we have to look Altar in the category "Props". If we've found the Altar left-click
that doodad and then change the value in the Editor-Maximum scale and Editor-Minimum Scale to the desired scale we want.
3. We may also change the tileset of the Altar to "All" so that it can be found in any tilesets in the object palette
at the time we will be placing it on the map.
4. Now, you are ready to put the doodad you have re-scaled in your map.
5. Press "D" on the keyboard. Remember that "Altar" is in the category "Props". In the Tool palette, in the doodad palette, below it are tilesets. You
do not need to change that because we have re-set the tileset to "All". Below the tilesets are categories of doodads. Click it and find the category "Props".
Look for the Altar.

The tool Palette:
Click image for larger version

Name:	Tool Palette.jpg
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6. Left-click Altar and place it in your map. We are now ready to re-scale it.
7. There are two ways of re-scaling doodads. One way is by changing the values of Scale in the doodad property. Here's how to do it: First, left click the
doodad you will re-scale. hit enter. change the values found in X, Y, Z in scale. Note that those scales are in percent. Another way of re-scaling a doodad is by pressing
page up, page down, home and end. Page up and page down for Z axis while home and end for X, Y axis. You will have to select a doodad first.

Now, we have our scaled "Altar"
Click image for larger version

Name:	scaled altar.jpg
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I hope that I have helped you if not much, in a little way...
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