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I had to write this for a history assignment. What do you think?
Hidden information:
June 13 2093
Diary of Dr David Soulus
First contact was made today. I was sitting; reading about the new colonies the Americans had built on Mars, drinking tea. The television was on in the background. Something caught my attention; instead of the regular program, the news was on. It was showing something that made my heart race; giant space shuttles. That was not to much of an event, but they didn’t look right. The design was nothing I had even seen before. It was an alien fleet. The news presenter was saying they were here, and no one knew why.
Not the best birthday I could have wanted.

June 13 2103
Diary of Dr David Soulus
Today marks the 10th anniversary of the invasion. We are made to celebrate. Today also marks my 112th birthday. I can feel it, my time is coming to an end. Not even the modern medicine miracles could save me. The aliens, Grinar; as we are forced to call them, have moved many humans to a new world. It is pleasant enough; the strongest of us are forced into slavery and the smartest into biological warfare. The rest are left to fend for them selves. It is better here then on Earth though, apparently we have a very rare metal inside our planet. Most of earth is being mined in search of that metal. It is not all bad though; as of last week I have a grandson. A beautiful boy named Jacob Soulus. If only we we’re still on Earth. I would give him chocolate. I didn’t even give my son chocolate.

June 5th 2193
Diary of Luke Soulus
We celebrated Human Rights Day today. I cannot express how proud I am with my father. Jacob Soulus: The pioneer of human rights on the Grinar world. They put it on his birthday, as recognition of his sacrifices for the good of humanity. There still is racisms though. I can’t walk down the street without being stared at. But at least we have rights now. My wife and I went to the ceremony. She is 5 months pregnant now. I just cannot wait. If it is a boy I shall call him David.

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