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Originally Posted by Tide-Arc Ephemera
When this gets finalized and the "decent quality" bar gets raised five-fold to 65%, then I can see this overtaking Borderizer since the layman can use it.

ROFL. Tide-Arc you have some serious problems.

+ Result file size (when saving to BLP) is 5 276 bytes, or 9 372 bytes (BLP with alpha channel);
This is listed as PRO while it is actualy a CON

5276 size means that you have cutt off mipmaps of the icon.
Which effectively means that people with graphics set to low will not see any custom icons. It also means that if you use custom icons on items they will get black in dropping transition.
People who do no see icons immediately assume the map is bugged and leave.

As of 9372 size for infocards it is simply a lol.
Maybe try using 5.1 compression instead of 3.1 and get it down to 6641
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