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Default DUSC - Texture Swapping In-Game

This demo shows the possibility to change units (models) texture in game to any desired other texture (!)


well ofc it's not simple at all. but this is waht you need to do it.
1) edit needed model via MDLVis or model editor and replace the desired texture with
Image "",
ReplaceableId 31,
it's very important cause otherwise it will not work.

2) the second step is to create destructables (trees) with needed "Art - Replaceable Texture File" (for example "Textures\Illidan.blp" ;) ) you will need this to change the texture.

3) you need to use (mode a bit before) the Nigth Elf (Mountain Giant) "War Club" ability. it's the keys for the texture change.

4) what now ? you will need to create the "trees" in game and also order the unit to use the ability on that "tree" so after cast
your unit will change the texture for the "Replaceable Texture" on the tree :P

well ofc it gives some limitations but you can do some work arounds.
1) attack index
2) number of attacks (but isn't actually a problem)
3) you unit will get upgrade animation tag... so for example town hall will get screwed...
4) ofc it's a spell cast so in cases where the unit cast point isn't 0 it will take some time to change the texture.
5) maybe some others...

To mention the original idea etc. is by 2008 Dron[XGM]
well gl i hope you will find use for this ;)
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