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This thread would probably be better off in the Art Staff forum. You'll mostly get people making requests looking here.

I don't know about the rest of the subforums, but I have some ideas for this one...
Clean the stickies. I'd do it myself, but I'm not exactly in a position to override Dorelian, who I assume stickied most of the current stickies. I suggest removing the following:
- ARTISTS' CORNER GUIDE: This is pretty much the last subforum people will post in. We almost never get posts that should go elsewhere here and the forum is very specifically titled. So, having that sticky to point out the other forums probably isn't too needed/effective.
- Graphics Software: This may have been relevant when this was more of a discussion than request forum, but the people who look at it now are for the most part not looking for software.
- For Fans of the Old Warcraft Image: Why is this here?

In their place, I think a thread containing guidelines for making requests would be better. I just wrote some guidelines up... Do you have any suggestions/objections? If not, I think I'll post and sticky it.

-----------Guidelines post begins------------

By following these guidelines, you can have a much better chance of having your request fulfilled.

Choose where to post.
You can choose to post either in the forge or the main forum.
The forge contains threads in which people of offering specific services. If you pick one that seems to be active and not overwhelmed, you're likely to get your request answered. Be sure to read the rules they list in their first post before doing anything they've disallowed.
The main forum is for everything else. Do not post your request as its own thread in the forge.

Use a descriptive subject line.
Do not just name your post "Request", "Simple request", or even "simpel simple request!!". This is done very often and doesn't help the poster get any more views.
You'll benefit more by making the subject actually describe the contents. Prefixing the subject line with what you're asking for (skin, geoset merge, model, etc) is a good idea. For example, "Geoset merge/reskin - Werewolf" would be a good lubject line.

Keep it simple.
The easier your request is, the more likely it is to be answered. Very very few completely custom models are made here. if you're going for a new unit model, you're much better off coming up with a creative way to make it out of existing Warcraft units.

Be detailed.
A well-written description of what you want is very helpful. If you are asking for a series of edits, then it's a good idea to post a list of changes you want made. Including pictures is a big plus. Also, don't make references to fictional characters and expect people to know what you mean. Explain them with links and/or images.

Post coherently.
You'll be more likely to be understood and answered if you do your best with spelling and grammar. Leaving out punctuations and abbreviating words (like "thanks" to "thx") doesn't help in making it seem like you really care.

Finally, here's an example:
Originally Posted by Uninformed Requester
Subject: simple request
need werewofl bad

Originally Posted by Informed Requester
Subject: Geoset nerge/reskin: Werewolf
I'm hoping to get a werewolf model for my nearly-completed map which you can see screenshots and a description of here. I would like it made like this...
- Start with the demon hunter.
- Reskin him to have a furry chest, furry arms, tattered brown pants, and no shoes.
- Replace his current head with a wolf head (from the timber wolf).
- Give him Forest Troll Trapper animations.
- Remove the stand animation in which he flips over backwards.

-----------Guidelines post ends------------

Other than that... maybe a sticky in the forge that would be periodically updated that lists good (as in active and not overwhelmed) threads to request in, as deemed so by the moderators.
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