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Ok I tested it in a beautiful full house game.

The skins are the catch aspect of this game, your artist staff definitely must be very proud of the outcome :)

I started with random hero and I got Janice. Her skills were all beautifully well done, and after higher levels, she became very powerful faction machine(added two rings of agility 2 rings of attack speed and the rest of slots in my inventory free for healing potions) and she was a killing machine, a faction machine.

Then in the second game (a rematch) I've got Genobee, very nice, a money machine, impressive.

I suggest to add indicators (like in AotZ) into the map about where are the shops, it really helps to the newcomers to get their locations and it would help to reduce more the learning curve of your map.

At the end I noticed that one hero (Jhita) used an ability called "En fuego". The description has grammatical mistakes, it should be:

Esta unidad está en fuego, se mueve mas rápido y sus ataques pueden quemar a su objetivo.

A normal complain in this game was the lag, probably for the usage of several effects at the same time.

For everything else, I must say this map is very nice, even thought I'm not as good in AOS, I liked the professionalism putted in this project.

Well, I think the replay of this game will be enjoyable for you, so here it is.
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