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Hey, all suggestions are welcome.

I believe we did take care of this bug though.

Originally Posted by RodOfNOD
Personally I am a big fan of this td. I also saw a 3.0 that had no changes whatsoever.

Please give us a list of what is actually different about this version of this TD.

Please be specific.


Alright, let me give this a shot:

-New Game modes added (-sr, -extreme, -chaos)
-Virtually all memory leaks fixed (no more 15 sec exit time)
-Rebalancing of EVERY single tower in the game (gold cost, damage, slow % etc.)
-Rebalancing of creeps (more progressive HP, i.e. game gets harder as it goes; and also tougher healing level creeps)
-A multiboard (that kicks ass)
-Additional towers (Elemental Cannons and Arrow towers, new sun/moon/tidal towers, switching of star/mammoth and renaming/remodeling)
-Additional host commands (-veryhard... etc, -nohero/-heromode, -kick name etc.)
-Map widgetized (Faster Load)
-New Loadscreen (Current one is temporary. A really amazing one is in the works)

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