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Originally Posted by Timmay
While the map looks well made, I still don't see anything that separates it from any other TD.

-Add another builder unit that can build towers in the paths. These towers would be small and weak, but would be useful in combination with the towers that are built on the higher parts. I haven't seen a TD yet that has done this.
-Give the builder units an inventory and allow them to buy some items. There could be a shop that sells items like mines (maybe even elemental mines).

Most TDs are boring because of the lack of interaction. You just build a few towers and hope they kill all the enemies. If you use these suggestions, I think they would allow players to do more.

I actually found this TD different.

In most TDs I just play and quit, bored.

This one requires more concentration. No one else thinks that way ? When I play a game of Element TD I forget to eat, until it's done. I don't even answer the phone. I answer things like : "yeah-yeah" to people around and don't interact with people.

Ya know, you have much things to think. WHich elements you take (assuming you're not on random), which towers would better fit, when's the next element in your favor (creeps) and NOT in your favor (creeps again). You know they have different types of armor right ? You must also prevent leaking and finally, build towers.

With Hero mode on, you even forget to breath while playing this TD.

DISCLAIMER : Karawasa and mrchak assume no responsability regarding people who die from insufficient fresh air while playing hero-mode in Element TD.

Seriously : I think this TD distinguishes itself with many new stuff (including teh elementz!) and functions. There is also a huge amount of tower which aren't mostly "simple upgrades". Example : tower lvl 1. tower lvl 2. tower lvl 3. tower lvl 4. tower lvl 5. tower lvl 6. tower lvl 7... and so on...

It is also well-balanced.

That was pretty much... my opinion about this TD. Good luck all ^_^
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