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Originally Posted by Fledermaus
I'd save your money, it's really not worth it. So hard to get a good game to fill and even when you're lucky enough, most players will be noobs who leave after their first death or w/e.

I agree about saving money, but as it comes to players I expect to play against some wc3c people, that is why we are doing this anyways :D

What we need is a configuration organization.
We need to write down a standard wc3c bot configuration, along with default maps and their config files, then we post it here for anyone who can and want to host as wc3c.

This does not include CD keys, everyone can host with their own CD keys.
So when you don't play yourself you hostbot for others.
I personally can leave the bot on during the whole night (in CET europe)

People like Nuclear Arbitor who can go dedicated should ask for dedicated CD keys from wc3c oldtimers (I bet there are lot of people here with wc3 disks collecting dust)

So we get one dedicated server and couple of part-time volunteers and see where it takes us.

Now, who knows hot to write hostbot configs?

TIP: Do NOT post your cd-keys in public threads, you should send PM-s and probably only to people who have a history at wc3c longer than 3 weeks

I updated the first post
Omg database crash deleted my signature, as a side effect this immensely improved wc3c.
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