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Originally Posted by NiRVaNa_87
Im still trying to learn efficient speed painting.
There's no such thing, it's all lies!1!11 I used to have classes with this teacher at college, the guy could "speed paint" his way through a 3m/3m wall with gouache/acrilics in about 2-3days (and by "speed paint", I mean "FUCKING COPY THE REFERENCE TO THE LAST BIT OF DETAIL") ... I simply don't understand how these guys can be so fast... (ok, sure, the guy probably made almost no mistakes in the entire process of sketching and painting, but still...)

I love those icons, btw! The good and old blue/orange did fit very well here! I also like how he looks crooked instead of symmetric, it adds a bit of movement and it looks good... you could have taken your time on the background, tho, it looks a bit too plain (in all of the icons).
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