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This one's interesting... Read the story, then answer the questions.

In the mansion, Scorpio told Capricorn that Gemini and Aquarius went to the observatory to find Sagittarius. Unfortunately, half way to the observatory, on the hillside leading up to it, Capricorn ran into a angry Sagittarius who stormed out of the observatory and back to the mansion. Capricorn wanted to find out why Sagittarius had left, so she followed her. Leo, upset because of Sagittarius, left the observatory and saw Capricorn going down the hill, telling Orion on his way out that he shouldn't have picked on Cancer. Leo left it to Gemini to solve the problem. After leaving, Orion stubbornly refused to apologize, because he believed that it was Cancer who caused all of the trouble, not him. Aquarius didn't like how Cancer was treating Orion, but both of them insisted that the other was wrong. Scorpio stepped in and wanted to know what was happening, telling the others that Sagittarius was angry, despite everyone in the observatory already knowing. Scorpio saw Orion bickering with Cancer as Gemini and Aquarius tried to stop them. Gemini didn't like the responsibility that Leo had suddenly put on him, so he told Scorpio that he would find Libra so she could solve the problem. Scorpio agreed, thinking that it was a good idea, but Aquarius didn't want to be left alone with Orion and Cancer, so she decided to go with them.

Half way down the hill, they met Virgo and Aries. They had just come home from stargazing, but everyone in the mansion seemed to be panicking and both of them were being told by everyone in the mansion that it all started in the observatory. The three told told the two that Orion and Cancer were fighting, but none of them wanted to be left in there with the two of them. Puzzled, Virgo and Aries told the three that they would try to help solve the problem. Before they left, Aries asked Scorpio if he had seen Taurus, telling her that Taurus was in the library studying astronomy with Andromeda.

As Scorpio, Gemini, and Aquarius entered the mansion through the kitchen, they saw Pisces who was preparing dinner. Pisces complained that even though they live in a mansion, running water in the kitchen is only at its best when water wasn't being used elsewhere in the mansion. Aquarius' stomach grumbled as she told the Scorpio and Gemini that she was more interested in eating then finding Libra at the moment, so she decided to help Pisces as Scorpio and Gemini went forward into the hallway medium. The two guys decided to look in the study. It was where Libra liked to read, but when they got there Taurus was sitting in the room by himself. Curious, the two men asked Taurus were Andromeda had gone. He told them at Andromeda went to find Aries, because they just told by Capricorn that Virgo and Aries came back home from stargazing. They decided to ask Taurus if he had seen Libra. He told them that Libra was in the study before he and Andromeda got there, but left when Andromeda left, Libra said she had to go do something.

Since Libra was not in the study, Scorpio and Gemini split up, feeling that it would be easier to find her. Scorpio went inside the living room, where he saw Leo and Sagittarius. He overheard the two of them talking, Leo saying that Orion was angry with Cancer because it was Orion's turn to do research, today. Sagittarius said she was so angry because she was in the observatory before Cancer and Orion started fighting. Scorpio mindfully interrupted the two of them, asking them if they had seen Libra. Sagittarius told him that she saw Libra in the kitchen just before Libra went to read. Leo admitted that he saw Andromeda talking to Libra in the foyer right went Virgo and Aries came home as he was looking for Sagittarius.

As Scorpio was in the living room, Gemini looked in the dining room. He saw Andromeda. Relieved, he asked Andromeda if she knew where Libra had gone. Andromeda said that she was talking with her, but then she forgot that was supposed to meet Taurus in the library. Though she was fashionably late to meet Taurus, Andromeda did see Libra go into the hallway medium. Gemini wanted to know what Libra was planning to read, but Andromeda was not sure. Gemini thought that Andromeda was looking for Aries, but then Andromeda replied, saying that when she was in the kitchen, Capricorn told her that Aries was in the observatory trying to stop the fight between Cancer and Orion. Andromeda did not want to bother Aries, so as she was in the kitchen, Pisces asked for some help with setting up the dining room for dinner as Sagittarius went into the living room.

Scorpio and Gemini reunited in the hallway medium, neither of them finding Libra. The two went into the foyer, staring straight at Capricorn had just come walking around the mansion to find out what she could do about Orion and Cancer. They asked if she had seen Libra. Capricorn told Scorpio and Gemini that Libra went outside because it was too noisy in the mansion. Since it was close to dinner, the three doubted that Libra would have gone very far, but since they were not sure of where else they could look, Scorpio and Gemini circled the mansion. Unfortunately, they did not find Libra outside. There was still a chance that Libra had run into someone else and brought her to the observatory to settle Orion's and Cancer's fight, so the two went back to the observatory. However, they were only half way there until Pisces called outside that dinner was ready.

At dinner time, everyone in the mansion got seated. Pisces sat at one end of the table with Scorpio on the other end. To the right of Pisces was Sagittarius who had calmed down. Leo was still concerned, so he sat next to Sagittarius. To his right was Andromeda was apologizing to Taurus who was sitting on the opposite end of the table for leaving so suddenly. On Taurus' far right was Cancer. Cancer wanted to get as far away as possible from Orion, so she sat on the furthest end of the table, right next to Pisces while Orion who felt the same, sat on Scorpio's left. Virgo walked into the kitchen with Orion and Aries with Cancer, so they both sat down next to with the respective people. Gemini, not really caring about where he was seated, sat next to Taurus. Aquarius seated herself on Scorpio's right, because even though she and Pisces was bringing food to the table, Aquarius had not claimed a spot.

Despite a person missing, the table did not contain any empty seats. Everyone asked Andromeda why she had forgotten Libra's seat, but Andromeda said she didn't. Where had Libra gone? What was she doing? Why?
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