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Hero Contest - Fourth place

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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. Annelord: I designed and finished it without my artist, so I feel accomplished.
  • 2. ArcaneRanger: Like the Deadeye, this hero felt like it had a distinct personae. Not only were the skills excellent, but they all added up to make him feel exactly like what he is: a magically infused ranger. I particularly liked the ability that switched places with a struck unit because it opened the door for particularly interesting strategies, which made this hero stick out among the pack, as not many heroes did this.
  • 3. DeadEye: The hero has character! It really feels like he has a place in the game, and by itself the whole thing makes sense thematically. Okay, so the ultimate was a bit out-of-nowhere (and imbalanced if you attack an army solo and use it...), but I don't think it mattered that much. The rest of the hero flowed very well, and nothing was complicated, in my face, or annoying.
  • 4. DarkApothecary: This hero was pretty different from a lot in the respect that his purpose was not to simply beat the living shit out of everything in sight. The abilities were more focused on effects (debuffs, etc.) than dealing damage, and I think it worked. It loses out to the Deadeye and Arcane Ranger simply because I didn't find it as fun to play with, but that's not to say it wasn't fun. Some bugs here and there, yeah, but beyond that this hero is pretty solid.
  • 5. MageHunter: I found the theme to be very solid on this hero, though it does overlap a bit with spellbreakers a bit, which made it slightly less appealing. I think there were some balance issues (cooldown and duration of silence on the AoE skill), but as I didn't really balance my hero too much, I sort-of ignored this. It was a bit repetitive to play after a while, so I found it slightly above mediocre.
  • 6. Behemoth: I think you could have really gone somewhere cool with this idea, but it just didn't get there. There was a bit of synergy (Chaos Orb and the passive, I guess), but not too much. Sort of just hack-n-slashing. I didn't really like the ultimate very much at all; it seemed like it simply didn't do very much because Chaos Orb did more damage (albeit in a smaller area), and Dark Synergy restored far more health.
  • 6. DreadBerserker: I understand that this guy is supposed to be an off-tank... but Undead already have 3 tanks (I guess the Dreadlord sort-of counts). He might have been better placed elsewhere, though it probably doesn't matter too much. The skills themselves didn't have much interaction, and you just sort-of used them whenever possible. Nothing too special, in my opinion.
  • 8. TheUnderRuler: I must congratulate you on "Vision of Paradise" skill; I liked it a lot. However, the rest of the hero was a bit lackluster. The zombie/ghoul/something else spawning skill wasn't very effective or interesting. The ultimate was pretty much just Storm Earth and Fire, but less interesting because each of the units was the same and all you could do was attack. I suppose the pentagram skill was okay, but I felt like it didn't really do anything at all in battle. Also... theme? Lulz.
  • 9. AvengerOfFaith: I didn't like this hero because he seemed a bit hard to play well, and the theme was pretty lacking. The first skill was cool for what it was, I'll give you that, but it didn't really seem to do anything useful; attacking was much more effective. The ultimate was boring (+25 strength and a possible blink on attack...) and could be detrimental to the hero instead of beneficial. 4 health regen is... meh, and the other skill was too hard to use. Also, he lost mana way too fast.
  • 10. DemonHuntress: Damn! This might have turned out well, but I'm sorry to say that I just don't feel good about this hero at all. I saw it as having no theme, really. Pounce was a good skill, though the animation was horrible; however, it seemed not to interface the passive, really. Firestorm, in addition to being a real WTF?, also went against the passive because it required you to stop moving. The ultimate seemed to compliment Firestorm and Pounce in that they both were spammable, so it made the spam better, I guess. The passive itself is a cool idea, but I don't think it's really for melee. Perhaps in an AoS where you are going to be moving around a lot it makes sense, but in melee you simply aren't and you can't keep microing your hero to do so. I think this could have been a great hero, but the way it is it really does not sit well with me.
  • 10. GraveReaper: I really disliked the ultimate because it was just too convoluted for melee in my eyes. Perhaps it would have been better if there had been some way for you to tell how many corpses the hero currently had, but there wasn't. Also, the corpse collection skill never really seemed to work past the first corpse, and when it did, the animation for it wasn't very pleasing. I think a hero that uses corpses readily could be cool, but you tried too hard and ended up with a hero that didn't function too well. Also, the nova skill seemed out of left field entirely (he already had a damage skill...).
I ranked them all, but I really only judged on design. Art is great and all, but I think it's really more about the hero here.

Also, I know my entry is imbalanced as fuck.
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