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Default Hero contest III

  • 1. DeadEye: Model + Icons = awesome. Abilities are well made and put together. Although the ultimate is insanely overpowered, this hero is near perfect IMO.
  • 2. Annelord: Too bad the model was never done, but I <3 your abilities. Especially your parasite-like ability. The passive is awesome, and works well with a lack of healing on the undead race.
  • 3. ArcaneRanger: Awesome skin. Funny how the best 2 models are both archers. Anyway, the abilities were alright, although I still argue that swap is useless. Ulti looked good.
  • 4. DarkApothecary: The model looks pretty decent and the abilities are fun to use. The gas seemed to be coded wrong and kill the unit without giving you the kill. Only thing this hero lacked was the "amazing" factor.
  • 5. DreadBerserker: The model looks alright. The abilities were put together somewhat nicely. The nuke was weak for its high mana cost, but the passive was imba with the regen it gave him.
  • 6. GraveReaper: Not too bad. The sfx was a bit over done. The model is ok at best. The hero just didn't fit with the melee gameplay as others.
  • 7. Behemoth: So, a tanking hero in melee. Not too bad, although the sfx looked ugly and tanking heroes are generally useless to the melee gameplay.
  • 8. AvengerOfFaith: Odd odd hero. I don't know what to say except that there are heros better and worse than this.
  • 9. MageHunter: I did not like this hero at all. Just doesn't fit the melee gameplay, at all. The model looks alright however.
  • 10. TheUnderRuler: Model was meh. The abilities was horribly put together. The ulti was...not so great.
  • 11. DemonHuntress: Abilities were useless and did not fit to the warcraft gameplay at all. The model is meh...
Some of the lower ranks did a pretty nice job. It's just that they didn't match the high quality of some.
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