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I don't feel bad about being blunt, I just don't want people to take offense, the fastest way between two points is a straight line, I'm going to cut to the chase

You got a problem with that, cry to someone who cares. It certainly isnt me.

I know that when Hunter of Shadows and Plasma Dragon say, "You don't read all of the way, do you?" or, "You didn't read it word for word, did you?" Yeah, I don't read all of it. But- hey, I still read about 80% of it. That counts, doesn't it? X_X

No it doesn't count you silly noob :P (I'm joking, for those of you that don't know what humor is)

As for how this thread exploded, I meant to address that, when I checked it and seen how it had become an arguement about literature I was irritated and meant to tell people to get the hell back on topic, either request writing, or get out. Let's not discuss what good writing is.

However, I admit I failed at life and was so irritated over Dark's post that I then proceeded to tell him to be a bit nicer and as wolf so nicely put it, not to preach like he was the lord of all writing.

My bad, blame me star, I feel bad about contributing to the arguement, blah.

Needless to say, from this point on, either request some writing, discuss what was created, or get out.

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