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Lol.... sorry for typo,I will fix that soon also. Again, tomorrow new version =)
Hope you like the spell, it was specially designed to be fun ! =D


Ok guys I updated the penguinID function and now it is more efficient than ever.
I am sorry but I forgot to change "cicle" to "cycle"... I will fix that tomorrow xD

Anyway, here is the new version of the map. Please note that I didn't update the code in the 1st thread because I am in cheap cyber shop that doesn't open WE maps, and so I can't access to the code.

Anyway, please enjoy the spell =)
Comments please =D

NOTE:Please note that the map in the 1st post is NOT updated as well.
The map on THIS post is the most recent version of the spell, and please evaluate it.


Hey guys, the code was now updated as well as the map in the first post.
Please make comments and approve the spell, this is most likely it's last version =D


Ok, guys, here is a new version of the spell, with the spelling mistakes corrected, as promised. Please post comments and enjoy ! =P
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