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You forgot to change this bit
private constant integer AID = 'A000' //The rawcode of the Apocalypse ability to Stupid Penguin xD.
Lol, done =P

Oh just in my point of view. It would be nice to disable the texttag or have an option to show the amount of damage channeled. The scaling can be smoother... buts that your choice.
You can disable text by changing it to "" in the unitText() function. It is that easy. About the caster it is a nice idea, I may do that yet.

EDIT: Relating to this line...
call DestroyEffect(AddSpecialEffect(BIRTH_EFFECT, GetUnitX(data.penguin), GetUnitY(data.penguin))) in the Condition function it won't. 1. You are directly passing it into the function 2. You are not using a variable to point to it 3. Reading this might explain why:
Ahh crap, I already knew that, however i forgot to change the comments. Thx for letting me know !


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