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Version 1.20c Released
Only available as a small patch update for the 1.20 executable.

Originally Posted by Version History
- Fixed a bug where you can't order tankers somewhere else easily when
harvesting oil.
- Fix a bug with under construction oil dropoffs attempting to be used by
- AI will no longer research runes as cannot effectivly use without
destroying there own army.
- Improved AI tiering capabilities.
- Improved the behavior of the floating text of the amount of oil player
- Death and decay now blights the land as it was intended.

EDIT: These few AI flaws are now falling rapidly. I've now found the root cause of the peon defense spam when the ai's base is threatened not sure if it be in a 1.20d or GASP a 1.21? . Now just need a solution to get the focus fire systems to override the blizzard bug of units not attacking and just standing about doing nothing in no hero situations.
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