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Great Tutorial, very nice.
But I have one problem though >.<
I followed this tutorial very carefully and it worked. But for my map the
units are only available to wear 1 wep, 1 armor, 1 helmet and 1 shield
So i copied my first trigger of this kind and just changed the item-types
It works when i try to pick up 2 of the same item and then i have an item
of a item-type that isnt in a trigger so that i will be able to carry several
items of that type. But it seems that the trigger gets bugged when i pick up
those items that isn't in a trigger, then the whole shit gets messed up :(
i can pick up several shields etc
Can anyone see the problem just by reading my description, if not tell me
specific information you need and I'll be happy to describe it.
Again, really nice Tutorial
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