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Really nice tutorial on the theory behind painting, both digitally and traditionally. Lots opf helpfull stuff about lighting, go read this:

Artist sites:
Feng Zhu:
Seung Ho:
Michael Tarwater:
James Hawkins:
Jason Dalton:
David King:
Daniel Forsgren:
Craig Mullins:
Hyung-Tae Kim:
Khang Le:
A. Niklas Jansson:
Nicolas "Sparth" Bouvier:
Justin Cherry:
Frank Frazetta:
Jon Foster:

Art Sites:
Contains forums, tutorials and portfolios
Does contain some 2D art forums
Excellent anatomy reference, includes manga, animal references, muscle photos and lots more.
Gallery and forums.
2d & 3d art forums
Digital art forums.
Great for anyone into car design, lots of examples of excellent renderings, and forums.
Galleries, contests & more.
Sci-fi & Fantasy art site.

Custom Brushes:
TDR's custom brush list

If you want to add some more post them and I'll add them to the list.

[UPDATE] Added some of the sites suggested by other people and a few I've found useful.
Anyone that's into industrial design style stuff should check out Daniel Forsgren.[/UPDATE]

[UPDATE: Feb 6, 04] Added a few more sites, a number of these artists can be found at (check out thunderdome 7, ends on the 10th).[/UPDATE]
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