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for some reason, asian people have a very distinct style of drawing. like fen zhu.
I'm not sure how true that is, maybe with the characters but with environments I think a lot of his style comes from his industrial design background.
Check out some of the portfolios of the guys here:

It seems a lot of art rises and falls with the right tools. I'm gonna see if I can buy those 10% - 30% - 50% grey markers.
Also not too sure about this, have a look at this:
The picture was inked using a ball point pen, and holds it's own before the marker work.
If you do get them I'd learn how to use them. They cost about $7-8 australian. A lot of the power comes from the highlights, which are generally done with white pencil and the pen outlines. Check out this tutorial:
Most of it could be produced using a finliner and pencils, something like a permanent marker and a red texta could do the rest.

I'd think of it as a picture has to be good for materials to make a difference, and that pictures done with low quality materials can look better than good pictures done with high quality materials.
Ultimately it's the artist that makes the work, not the materials.
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