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Oh, and here's something completely off topic...but still a 'godly' fanart site...she's Japanese BTW...and her works are all done on Photoshop...the topic is the anime Hellsing.

Here's a walkthrough...the site's in Japanese...

Click on....Gallery on the left bar:

- Click the first link with three chinese characters to go to the Hellsing art gallery

- The second link are non-Hellsing art

- The last link with four chinese characters consists of random thought scribbles (very funny)

- The two links with the letters 'CG' are tutorial links...done by the artist herself...but since they're all in Japanese you won't get much from it aside from the pictures...

Click on....Paint BBS:

A pop up will show up...this is one of the best gallery forums on the net...mind you, everything's done by mouse. You get the good stuff...wacky stuff...ugly stuff...and something new goes up almost everyday.

Here's the link.


Comments anyone?
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