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I think it's an awesome campaign and it truly shows ur great dedication. There are many great triggers, many great styles of play, not just the normal warcraft rpg usually seen. I appreciate the storyline, the humor. I have to agree it's too hard though. And does "reduce difficulty" really reduce the difficulty?? there are two maps i cannot beat and i wonder if u can give me hints.
I think chapter 4: I figure out how to kill 1 dragon alone but when two or more dragons go together it's kinda really hard to dodge the totems. Any hint for that?
and chapter 7: the dota map:D. I try different ways of pushing and i even manage to take out all the catapults in the 1st push but then when they push back all 3 lanes i just can't seem to defend. How exactly did u beat that map?

Thanks a lot and again, awesome work!!!
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