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What 'relevant code' I should post here? Race implemention? if yes it's here.
Collapse JASS:
        set c = CustomRace.create("High Elf",RACE_NIGHTELF,0.9)
        call c.setTownHall('h000')                  
        call c.addWorkerType('h00G',c.NEAR_MINE,5)  
        call c.addHeroType('H00J')                 
        call c.addHeroType('H00I')                
        call c.addHeroType('E001')                  
        call c.addHeroType('H00H') 

About uploading the map, it needs credit and heavy recode. I'm going to post a project here soon after I got my credit list done. (There's plenty of import.)

PS.I'm using normal melee init, is it ok?
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