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Default Overgrowth

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version: 1.05

Spell Information:
  • Overgrowth
  • Summons an overgrowth of vines and roots which entangles the target enemy unit and bounces on to other enemies. Entangle lasts 4 seconds, deals damage per second and prevents movement and attacking. Overgrowth can bounce infinitely as long as there's at least one target not entangled.
    • Level 1: Deals 12 damage per second
    • Level 2: Deals 24 damage per second
    • Level 3: Deals 36 damage per second

The above libraries are included in the map, but updates to them might come in the future so be sure to update as well. They are all available at Wc3c's Resource section.

I've included the code here in this post in case that a person wants to view it immediately without WE.
Expand JASS:


=== v1.05 ===
- Optimized code a bit
- No longer uses EventTargetLib
=== v1.04 ===
- Inlined TimedXefx
- No longer uses TimedXefx as a separate library
=== v1.03 ===
- No longer uses GroupEnumUnitsInArea
=== v1.02 ===
- Used xecast in a more efficient manner
- Optimized the code in doing so a bit
- Renamed a modified version of TimedEffects into TimedXefx to prevent failure in maps which used TimedEffects
- The issue stated above has been addressed
- Added a Duration() constant
- Recoded how you configure the effects. Should be pretty versatile now.
=== v1.01 ===
- Included documentations
- Now picks the nearest target instead of a random unit within range
- Cleaned the spell code a bit, a few optimizations
- No longer uses a dummy unit for effects
- Now requires TimedEffects (Uses an unofficial, modified version)
- Now requires xefx
- Now requires GroupGet
=== v1.00 ===
- Initial release

Please feel free to comment and report bugs. Thank you very much for your time!
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