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Why not change xecast to being a cast module to more or less a group module as in-- using group functions with being able to set the functions that effect picked units with? I think it would have a lot more uses.
(Also i never really got the idea of making a spell that casts more spells it just sounds odd and inefficient, as you could just do the effect of the spell and avoid having to use a caster to cast it at all. The only real reason you would use such a thing would be for having single target spells dealt to a group, and that could even be handled in a picked unit function also.)

Another thing, why would you ever do separate location and x/y functions(so you could use both)? It's only a few lines of code to transfer into just x and y. Isn't it better just to always use x and y than a location?
(Although i remember hearing locations transfer faster between functions; i also think i remember hearing that x/y is faster in functions. And i think the x/y won better in performance either way.)

Below is taken from exfx documentation;
player owner
For some reason you might want to change ownership of the effect, for
example, if you use abilityid (see bellow) and the ability does damage.

Example: set myfx.owner = GetOwningPlayer(GetTriggerUnit() )

player owningplayer
The player that owns the spell (Who gets credited for it)
Example: set somevar.owningplayer = Player(2)
These should be the same thing... (If not it's just too weird having one player deal the damage and another player get the rewards.)

playercolor teamcolor
The recycle delay is the time to wait before recycling the dummy caster, if
it is 0.0 the ability will be considered instant.

A proper recycle delay is important since when a dummy caster is recycled
its owner becomes player passive. Every damage done by the casted spell will
not credit the correct player.

Some other spells need some time in order to cast correctly. Not to mention
the channeling ones that require the caster to last during that situation.

Example: set somevar.recycledelay=10.0
And.. This doesn't explain what the playercolor teamcolor setting is for...
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