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Originally Posted by Rising_Dusk
Well, you did all of this work, I'd feel bad just storming in and taking over. I never released it before because I wasn't sure that there was even a need for a new one, people seemed content with Vex's.

i needed to do the work anyhow, because Vexs was not quite what I wanted anymore, the work was already done, uploading it here and adding a readme was simply all the extra work needed

how you would render this obsolete i cannot guess, if i remember correctly, you dont even let players view skills. Other then perhaps flamboyant effects, which i dont remember in DoE or AotZ, im at a loss for all these featuers yours contains that I seem to have overlooked, and the fact that you may save a few line somewhere I don't see as being anything special

other then the fact that your name is Rising_Dusk, i can't say people would like it any better, but who am I too judge, I'm not the one with two succesful maps at WC3C ;)
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