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Default The creation of a Map

The Creation Of A Map
I decided to write this because I have seen alot of unplanned maps on This tutorial inculdes things to think about before you create a map and while your creating it. This is only for unexperienced map makers, due to the fact that experienced map makers already know all this. Theres really 2 big categorys, Creating a New Map and Gameplay.

I can't stress this enough, what you need to think about before anything else is "How is my map going to be different and more fun then all the others?" Think of things that haven't been done before, new abilitys, new types of gameplay, non generic terrain, and new skins and models. Think of a different type of game, don't make a mere copy of an already made game just with different units and terrain, think of something new!

Creating a New Map:
- Think about the type of map your making, If your making a RPG map, then you don't want it to be to small, on the other hand if your making a Zone Control type map, you don't want it to Huge. Think about the type of game play before you choose the size. (Remember you can change the size of your map in the Scenario -> Map size and camera bounds on the top toolbar)
- Tileset, this is very important, especially if your not using a WE enhancer. Plan out the location of your map, if its going to consist of mostly a city, then choose cityscape, if its a jungle choose sunken ruins, and so on. If you do have a WE enhancer, then you can add tiles and cliffs if you need them
- Doodads, make games look good, and can effect game play, try to only use the doodads that come with the tileset you used, doodads from outland in a cityscape tileset look very bad and out of place. But if your making a map that will take place in different regions of a world, then using the doodads for each region is obvious.
- To much in a map, I see this happen often, people try to cram everything they can into their map, Space is important, not only for troop movement but for looks oh yeah, and not to mention lag! If your making an AOS type map, you want the paths to be clear and easily accesible(you don't want troops to get stuck on things) So if you do want to add lots of doodads, put then on the sides of the paths.

- After your finished your terraining, you need to think about units and heros and their abilitys. DO NOT over power heros or units, balancing is important, However, do not make every unit have equal stats, Look at Blizzards units, they balance magnificently.
- Heros change the tides of battle and are usually the center of a map's focus, Heros are very important. Its very easy to make a hero unbalanced. Balance a heros abilitys, try to have atleast 1 passive spell, 1 or 2 assualt spell, and one other spell(summoning, troop enhance, sheilds) for the hero's Ultimate, if the hero has 2 assualt spells make its ultimate not an assualt spell, instead make it a defensive or passive spell, such as an Avatar type ability or Reincarnation.
- Length of a game, do not over do the length of a game, don't make a base so hard to destory that is takes 2 hours, or the capture the flag number 50, a good game usually ranges from 30 mins to 1 and half hours long. Most people don't have time to play a 2-3 hour games, and either wouldn't finish or wouldn't play your game. Just don't over do the length!
- Winning, the condtions of winning depends on the type of game you are making, AoS types could have more than 1 objective. RPGs should definantly have more than 1 objective. A modern war/battle type map should have more than 1, such as kill so and so, and take control of this persons base. Don't make winning so complicated though that no one knows how to win.
- Quest menu, You can put tons of stuff here, from objectives to credits. This is a good place to tell newbies whats going on in your map and what they need to do.

*Note* good maps don't happen overnight, they need lots of work and planning.

Follow these guidlines and you should turn up with a good, fun map.
- niro
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