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Bumping and so on, it' s awesome map. Really well thought through idea. I suggest to play that map with max graphics, because it has close up camera angles. With ambient sounds loud game is really scary I played it with easy and managed to solve Lost City quest by myself. Good that it' s explained here too how to do it exactly.
Quick walk through:

Collect gunpowder, don' t fight with zombies, just dodge them and run on.
Where Skeleton Archers shoot you run in zigzag and you will evade their arrows. They shoot arrows like Cannons boulders what can be evaded luckily.
You have to kill that dead Pirate, otherwise you can' t get to cave. It' s good idea to use gunpowder attacks here.
Read books/ letters to know what game is all about.
It' s wise to carry with you mostly health potions, blessed water, books what could help you to solve mystery.
Spiders are too quick to escape, thats why here you can use your gunpowder
When you reach near river what is inside cave from there on is one camp with crates. Take what you need and get quickly out of there.
When going deeper into cave you will find Lost City.
You can run off-road also in Lost City but don' t get too close to tentacles.

That map is one of the best maps what I have ever played in Warcraft in my life so far, well done King Klear !

EDIT: Though end seems to be bugged, when you destroy Crystal, whatever you do your character will be moved in front of Crystal. While cinematic runs Monster' s fireball kills you. There can' t be done nothing to evade that because it' s triggered like that. Good map still. After that you can see when quiting from game how all tentacles will blow up.
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