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Thx, and in other news, hive workshop's down, and here's a working link to I've got it up right now. It's still supposed to be down, and rly it is dead, no one goes there anymore I don't think b/c of the move, and niether the zombie dog, licker, street tiles, villager w/ zombie anims or much else useful for my map that I don't have is to be found there. But again I found an old link I never even noticed and used it to get back in, (most) models, skins and maps still work, can you believe it? Don't expect too much new content though, again the site's dead, I've just been graverobbing. In other news, like my sig? Some joker actually posted everything before the ~ in a fit of rage over a certain starcraft model. LMAO @ quote.

EDIT:Nvm it's not there for some odd reason.
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