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I tried this map a long time ago but had to give up because of the music
At 50% it's much better as music should NEVER be louder than battle sounds. It's meant to be an ambiance theme, not the center of the action like it can in a cine. And RDZ, if you really like this music it doesn't mean it fits for the main theme on a RPG map. And I don't speak of the genre, it's not a bad idea to put a techno-kinda music instead of the usual thems but this song is very very repetitive so it's not good for in-game (perfect for cine).
Same with the fart and beer dialogs, at start it's funny and in the end of the game you want to strangle the hero when he says that in the middle of a fight against ancients.

So I tried the new version and it's much better than I expected. The first quests with the 2 villages are kinda boring (except the tower defense thingy that changes from usual gameplay in a rpg map), but after you see the ancient the first time I really liked the story and the last battle with the towers is more fun with ancients spawning everywhere.

Just another detail : it's the first time I see such a good terraining on a soooo flat island, a few hills could improve.

Overall a really good job here, but the beginning is a little too dull. It deserves a rep.
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