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Alright I finally got a chance to test this baby out.

It was perfectly accurate; however I am afraid too accurate. Your tool creates a keyframe for EVERY frame. In normal War3 animations 30 frames could go without a single keyframe. This is also the case in IK. I highly suggest that you try to make a way to drop some accuracy and pick good intervals for placing the keyframes - else this tool is only usable for offline games.

Why? Well I tried this out on a model of mine.
Size without animation and converted to MDX: 30k
Size with normal War3 animation: 35k
Size with IK animation (same animation as the War3 one, just using IK instead) and then converted to MDX: 700k

Get the idea? It is useless if the size increases so much for a single hand opening and closing animation. However I must say if you do get this more optimized as I suggest - it will revolutionize the world of War3 animation forever. IK is much more realistic and easy to use.
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