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Default Project Y4: A Total Conversion

RDZ Industries: Project Y4
A total conversion

A remote RDZ Industries industro-military research and development facility has gone dark... Its factories are on overdrive, producing AI-piloted drone units that have destroyed everything in the facility. Take control of the brand new, highly experimental All-Purpose Assault Mech as you are sent to investigate the stricken facility get in, regain control of the base systems, and find out what the hell happened.

RDZ Industries: Project Y4 is a single-player action-adventure RPG total conversion map for Warcraft III: the Frozen Throne. All artwork is custom (models, textures and sounds) and is created or otherwise assembled by me.


Teaser trailer:
Screenshots: attached below

  • Customise your hero
    • Modular blades define your attacks, from razor blades to saws to highly experimental force-fields
    • Modular shields provide protection for the vulnerable turret, from simple metal plates to concrete slabs
    • Artillery shell mods can change how your main cannons behave, from EMP to caustic gas bombs
    • Undercarriage units provide non-standard functionality from heavy lifting equipment to portable repair drones to giant explosive devices
    • Choose the paintwork from a variety of camouflage textures
  • Mini-games
    • Hack Telegraph network nodes through a procedurally generated maze: collect the missing encryption keys and get out before the drones catch up with you
    • Go fishing in a pool of molten slag for crates
    • Use keypads to unlock gates and containment chambers, but how will you find the right code?
    • Use computer screens to try to find out what happened at the facility
  • Unlockables
    • Unlock bonus content by finding secrets or completing hidden objectives
    • Bonus mini-missions
    • Bonus mech paint schemes
    • Game cache integration: unlocked content will stay unlocked between plays (and map versions)
  • Scoring setup
    • Kill many enemies in quick succession to rack up combos
    • Kill many enemies without dying for spree rewards
  • Explosions
    • Explosive artillery shells
    • Explosive enemies
    • Explosive barrels
  • And more!

50% done? Maybe?

Core systems such as equipment, artillery and undercarriage mod behaviour, enemy respawn and patrol routes, computer screens and keypads, are all complete. Core artwork and most of the terrain is complete. Most of the main plot is mapped out if not quite implemented or tested yet.

There are currently very few side quests, but more will be added.

The project has been indevelopment ostensibly since August 2010, with initial elements created at crimbo 2009.

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