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I reall wish something similar to namespaces existed. That way, for my custom race, I could have KalimdorRaiders.Units.KOBOLD_MINER. Right now to get something syntactically similar I have to do the following

Collapse JASS:
    private struct KR_Units
        static constant integer KOBOLD_MINER = 'kru0'
    private struct KR_Abilities
    private struct KR_Heroes
        static constant integer CENTAUR_KAHN = 'KrH0'

    struct KalimdorRaiders
        static KR_Units Units
        static KR_Abilities Abilities
        static KR_Heroes Heroes

rather than just something like

Collapse JASS:
    namespace KalimdorRaiders
        namespace Units
            constant integer KOBOLD_MINER = 'kru0'
        namespace Heroes
            constant integer CENTAUR_KAHN = 'KrH0'

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- Dont solve problems that dont exist.
- Improve the wheel, dont reinvent it.
- Port the wheel if it doesnt exist in your environment.
- Integrate the wheel into your project.
- Make sure you can replace your wooden wheel for a rubber one if someone else invents it.
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