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Only too happy to help :)

The problem is in the lighting, really. The skin (flesh) areas of the texture are quite pale in
terms of colour and saturation but relatively dark in terms of brightness. It's like having pale
skin under the shade of a tree or in a low-light room, which is odd considering how bright
the rest of the texture is. In addition, the way you've shaded the arms is as though the light
is coming from the front rather than from the top, which is how textures in WC3 are lit. I
also think the white of his shirt and stockings is too bright, could be toned down just a little.

On closer inspection, the metal of his weapons could use more contrast. The transition from
the blade to the main part of the axehead doesn't seem strong enough to be visible ingame.
Could just be my monitor, but he seems too dark in general.
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