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Ok, it's certainly an improvement in quality over the previous version. My only concerns now are in the skintone. It looks like really pale skin completely in the shade which is kind of off considering how bright the rest of the texture is.

The idea is classic, just needs a little more finessing :)

what do you exactly mean with skin? the whole texture or just the skin parts in the face and arms?
did you check the skin in the w3 viewer or did you look just at the screenshots here?
cause most of the screenshots arent updated... thats my fault :/ i'll do it soon.
i just updated it in the mainscreenshot, which appears in the attached thumbnails.
i allready made the arms and the face less pale, improved the haireffect on the arms and improved the belly.
well if you just took a look at the screenshots then please test the skin in the viewer(or in the software, which you use), cause the new .blp file has allready that changes which you wanted(if i understood you right).
if this changes arent enaugh then there is problem to improve more things.

btw iam really lucky that one of my favorite skinner, gave me his opionion to my skin :)
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