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Still I have to say I liked some features of the older version too, like the psycho eye and the shirt near the belly.
Also the hair looks a bit weird... more weird than it should. Try making it a bit darker and dirtier. I think some arm pit sweat might suit him quite well also.

well i cant use the stuff from the old version cause it was destestroyed by filter... and this doesnt suit to the new style. i can repaint it that it looks like that old stuff.
to the shirt near the stomach... i chanced it cause the stomach should represent a mouth and in the old version that shirt nearly clovert the whole uvula. i think i have to paint that mouth more detailed to get a better effect there.
my aim of this skin wasnt to make a dirty, ugle, psycho, bloody or creepy skin,
but i can make version like this.

Wouldn't an ogre have been such a better base model? You could even skin the club into a sausage or something.
well i think it wouldnt work to turn a club into a sausage... i can try it with the hook! the only bavarian thing i know, which has the shape of a club is a "weizen- oder weißbierglas".
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