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Again, No, the forsaken existed long before the scourge arrival
I am straight edge -> no smoke and no drugs.
Besides, yes, just replay the campaign I am sure the forsaken existed b4 the scourge. After turning Sylvanas into a dark ranger, sylvanas made a rebellion against the scourge and took as allies the forsaken, which already existed before her. In the campaign they fight the legendary "forsaken one" before they can create the scourge (note: scourge != burning legion)

Perfect example: see Mc!'s Arcane Ranger. He's the Artist, so he made the model, aligned the textures, drew the icons, and made the SFX.
Amen, perfectness. However the coders could use SFX from blizz as well.
I just didn't want to junk up the thread with our little repartee; I'd rather other people don't feel intimidated, and/or view me as an idiot for near-spammage. So I put it in [hidden] tags so it's more out of the way.
Having in mind this is deeply related to the contest, this can't possibly be considered spam.
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