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1. "Wc3 saga"?? WTHeck are you talking about?
Saga => story

but I'd be willing to bet he had some Apothecaries. WoW lore has no place here.
Seriously what a weak argument. The apothecary is a forsaken and the forsaken joined Sylvana's to destroy the scourge. Even in the wc3 story Arthas and Nerub fought the forsaken in the underground to reach the Lich King before Illidan and his alliance could. Wow is the sequel of wc3 either you like it or not ( I don't) it is where the story continues. Your hero is the hero on the movie ...

Plaguebearer (the ultimate) seems to work fine; in what did it "bug"?
The green effects never died, they just were in the map permanently ...

Yeah, except he's an Undead Troll. Thus Undead.
He looked pretty alive when I was kicking the computer's ass if you ask me xD

As such, it makes me sad to see someone hold that against them in the voting.
Well, when I was voting I knew some submissions were not complete, but I didn't know "which" submissions were incomplete, and I didn't know the owners of the submissions. I think Ani and Pyro are great coders in deed, but wouldn't it be even more unfair, if I had ignored the model's flaws? Wouldn't it be unfair against to the modelers of the other teams who actually worked hard enough to finish their models? I saw those codes were obviously professional, and the reason they got those grades was because the codes were good.
My vote is done. If I knew this fact at the time of the tests I would have probably made other decisions, but such thing is not possible atm, so going on with this is useless.

Well, I ain't exactly Spanish, I talk Spanish.
That is irrelevant, I still think your skills should belong to Portuguese people and therefore you should be one xD
Kinda, Portuguese people and Spanish always were "rivals" because each one wants to be the best.

By reading the following you agree you can not make me responsible by anything I might say or do.

Seriously, Spain is more evolved, but hell with that, Portuguese women are hotter and Portuguese man are better in the bed, so no worries =P

The truth is out there

Well, to be honest spa girls are hotter than portuguese woman, but still, we (man) are better in bed xD. End of conversation lol

Humor ftw
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