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Most likely because you were using random race on your tests... <.<, the hero is made for the human race...
I just opened my normal WE and clicked "test map" ... didn't select any race. Anyway, it makes logic to be human though xD

He is undead... *random race again?*
Ud!? I still think troll => Orc ...

The hero isn't actually a forsaken, the problem is that pyro didn't have a model for his hero, he's supposed to be an undead with lots of worms coming out from him.
What happened to the modeler then? I find it unfair, Pyro is a great coder that got penalized in the score because of the "art" section, and it wasn't just me by what I saw...

Wtf!? MC! is Spanish!? that sucks ... you should be Portuguese man xD
Anyway, Buenos dias =P
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