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BUG World Editor Error with Deleting Units.

Whenever I or my friend (on a completely different computer). Goes in a tries to delete a custom unit, the editor instantly gets and error. It's like it doesn't even try.

Take in some notes though before you give me an answer as I've searched and people have gotten this error though NOT in the same spot, and no fix either.

1. Only some Custom units cause this problem.
2. There's over 500 custom units. *Yes I know... if we could delete them we would*.
3. This error happens as SOON as we try to delete the units. It doesn't try to load for a second, it just flat out errors.
We've thought about exporting everything but the units, but thats a friggin' lot of units we'd have to replace, and it would NOT be fun.
4. We have tried using different editors.
5. You can still play the map inside of Warcraft III.

The error is:
 This application has encountered a critical error:
 Not enough storage is available to process this command.
 Program: c:\program files\warcraft iii\worldedit.exe
 Object:    CustomObjectField (.?AUCustomObjectField@@)

Any idea's?
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