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Some handy hints:
1. putting number of unit = number of unit completed as a condition for all your units helps to make sure the building is producing that unit constantly instead of waiting endlessly for the piroties above to be finished

it's better then staggering your units i.e

footmen etc

cause what happens if one of your footment gets killed? the ai will try to replace your footmen and delay the production of the peasent.

2. having Creep Camp (0-9) as a first attack piroty will make the ai creap out ALL Creep Camp (0-9) on the map before it attacks the enemy even when you have 100 food. really bad if you face an AI which techs up first gets better units then you then attacks you in one wave wiping out your tier 1 units all in one. Baring in mind your AI doesn't kill it's own units so you end up with loads of footmen at 100 food

3. in the above AI, all uou have to do is make sure you kill enough to make it have less then 10 peasents and it won't build anything else until it replaces it's peasents. Blademaster wind walk haress combined with you're producing units and it's not
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