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Default Various model and animation requests

Another request thread: (requesting too much?)

1. A Nerubian battering ram
Zoom (requires log in)
(concept/sketch by RenegadeMushroom)

2. Blood Elf unit: "Arch-Technician" (working name)
When me and an anonymous skinner (for now) will finish the model I'd need an animator to work on it.

As soon as it's finished I'll add some screens.

Animations needed:
Stand, Stand - 2 and Stand Ready: as a minimum, maybe another pair of these animations could be made too.
Walk: He simply walks
Attack: Attacks with the longsword
Spell: The Arch-Technician raises his wrench, that emanates magic sparkles (blue particles, perhaps)
Death, Decay Flesh and Decay Bone: No need to explain these ones :P
Portrait, Portrait Talk: I prefer not a separate model for this.

If you're interested, PM me or leave a post in this thread.

3. Simply a Dark Troll on a flying beast, not a bat please :P
I'll be satisfied also if it's a Wyvern Rider model edit with Wyvern Rider animations, but hey, let's be more creative and use something a bit different from a Wyvern, ok? :)
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