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well,I believe that the ogre cannoner,whose .zip I didn't check,was from a previous model. Attached is how it would be like. As you can see, all the texture is freehand (I prefer not to Uv too much so I used the ogre texture as base,but it's only noticeable in the head and arms)
As for the blood splats,I don't have that bug -.- so I dunno what you're talking about and can't fix it.
There is a portrait. Again,I believe this was just a bad uploading of the .zip. My fault.
Here is the .zip that should be attached.

About the warlock, ok,I'm toning the skin and deleting the blood from the stand and death and all that. As I said in the post,the warlock should attack with an instant attack who has only birth and death anim.looks a lot cooler,try it.

I can't make his head marks teamcolored because of its teeth.

The ogruul is not a gronn,but a mountain ogre.I made him furry and beastie. I was doing a gronn model for a request,but I think I may not finish it.
The texture,indeed wasn't posted.
A skeleton,yeah I noticed,but I forget in the next minute.I'm adding one.
When I add the corpse,reconsider it not being a gronn,but a mountain ogre.(I don't even like the gronn idea) and give advice with this on mind.

About the ogre thug(or ogre king or whatever):
The model is very big(in filesize)but I can add a talking animation to a portrait,if you wish.
The weapon always making trouble -.- I hate it.
I'm reediting the texture,god, the back is awful.
Maybe I could add something to liven up,like a back shield or something.

Well,I'll Pm you so you know I've posted in here, but see if you can approve or give criticism to the real cannoner,not the gay orange g-stringed one.
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