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Exclamation The GTW! Looks AWESOME!

I was browsing some of the other WC3 forums, and I saw this post about this "GTW Mod". So I naturally check it out and see what it's about. Well, I read this rather long post about it, and must say I was rather amazed. I then went over to their forums, and was quite shocked at all the cool and amazing things I found out about the mod! I added the creator and a few other members to my msn to see if I could find out more about this exciting mod. Specifically, if it would support mod maps or not.

Well, I'll adress the above in due time, but first let me fill you guys in on what it's about =)

The mod is set 50 years before WCI, and will involve a war between forest trolls and humans. The storyline's not overly important, but it was intriguing nonetheless. The mod promises to add numerous realistic combat systems, like physics, accuracy, a shield bonus, and a bunch of other neat stuff that, according to TU16 (the lead designer), will actually have an impact on gameplay. "Modernizing WCIII" I think was how he put it, though it seems he's doing much, much more than just that. Anyways, the mod also promises a new resource system, and a few others that will have a "significant impact". Suffice to say that is sounds pretty cool, not to mention deep. Also heard the mod will have eight factions, which I thought was a bit many, but it seems TU16 knows what he's doing. Well, anyways, I continued reading this post and then scrolled down to look at the models. Astounding really! Quite good, can't wait to be commanding those =)

Well, I mentioned before that I put TU16 on my MSN. Well, he actually accepted me, and allowed me to send him a message! I initiated a dialogue with him =)

My first question was how did he plan to make each of the eight factions different? His reply was essentially that the factions will be more specialized to specific tactics, such as guerilla warfare, which he claims you'll be able to do now! The mere thought of waging guerilla warfare intrigues me quite a bit! He went on to say that the resource system would allow them to rework forests into something totally new, something more realistic, and something far more than the tree walls currently in WCIII. According to him, battles will actually take place in forests. He says that certain factions will actually WANT to battle in the forests, as they will get bonuses and such. He said this was an integral part of the guerilla portion, but he also said that the new combat systems, as well as a few other systems and special abilities for those factions well-versed in guerilla warfare will make the afformentioned warfare possible =) He also said that there will be more traditional factions as well, which will rely on more Roman or Spartan-like armies.

My next question was about the world editor, and what effect will the mod have on it. He replied that the WE would be useable, and besides from the GTW units, spells, and upgrades being in it, we might see some new trigger functions as well! That isn't the best part though, b/c he went on to explain that GTW will attempt to have every kind of popular mod map currently on Bnet! He said there would definitely be a GTW footmen wars, aos, maul, and a lot more, all very well done and with all the new features from GTW. Well, this set my mind thinking. What would footmen wars be like with physics, accuracy, evasion, shield bonuses, crawling, and all those other wonderful systems they seek to add!? Why, it would be the best footmen wars ever I tell you!

Lastly, I asked him what the large team was all about. I mean, most mod teams are relatively small, around 5-10 people, or even just a single person many times. He replied by pointing out that roughly 95% of WCIII mods begun have not been finished, and a majority of those were small teams who lost interest. He said that was not the true reason for the large team, but something worthy of my notice. He then went on to explain that GTW is not a normal mod. He said he doesn't even like to think of it as a mod, but rather thinks of it as a game. He said that really the team is much smaller than it seems, as we have many "freelancers". I of course asked what freelancers were, and he explained that they were people who did what they wanted and when they wanted. Well, how's that work? He said that GTW is a very large mod, and that there is much to do. He said the core team could accomplish a lot, but anything that the "freelancers" could get done would only help the mod be done faster. He said that every model that's already done by the time the team gets to it is not just less work for the team, but less production time for the mod as well. Well, this certainly satisfied me, as I simply can't wait to play this!

I also spoke with him a few other times later, and found out that they plan to have an alpha in 6 months where they will invite 25-50 people (I'm hoping one of them will be me!) to play the alpha version of the mod with two factions =)

Can't wait for more news! Supposedly they're planning on releasing some vids soon =)

So, what do you guys think about this? Sounds like uber pwnage to me!
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