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Originally Posted by PipeDream
Best JASS ever. Amazing job, Anitarf.
Well, you did help. ;)
How about GC for IsUnit(Ignored)Dummy
Hmm. It would indeed be faster for many dummy units, doesn't matter much if you only have two though. In many maps, a single dummy caster is enough to cast all supplemental spells. I'll change it depending on how many people have more dummy casters in their maps.
Indentation is funny in GroupEnumUnitsInArea
I blame Vex. :)
Switch these two lines (87/88) in the AoE buff template?
Done for 1.1.

Originally Posted by Toadcop
i don't like the peredical event =\ it's awesome lame. in 2 ways.
You actualy don't need to use it. You can create a seperate periodic trigger for every buff type and in it, use enumeration by type and you have a working seperate periodic event for that bufftype. It still loops through all buffs though, so having a bunch of such enumerations, even if they run at lower frequencies, wouldn't save that much time.
hmmm =\ ... xD queation what will happen if your unit (with a buff) dies but it has reincarnation ?
Good question. It indeed would "work" the way you described. Not much of a problem with completely triggered aurabuffs, but otherwise it's buggy. I blame blizzard and their lame reincarnation. Don't use it and you'll be fine. :)

Originally Posted by Fulla
Can the system handle/have the capability:
-Storing a buffs, strength/level?
The system fully supports such a feature, you can either use the level buff parameter for that (right now it's already used by the sample spell Arcane Cleansing, although a bit differently than what you describe, but there's no reason why your map should use it in the same way), or add another parameter by storing a struct with it to the buff's or buff type's custom user data.
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