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Originally Posted by Nuclear Arbitor
MegaByte and a Mebibyte are the same thing, just that fucking electricians wanted to feel special. also, because 1024 is so close to 1000, lots of people use it to refer to 1000. table on left

better article:

its not only the electricians.... ISO included the new binary prefixes in a standard aswell. And the "new" prefixes must be used in EU marketplace (EU Law since 2007). And the US physicists (read the historical context).
And the organization which introduced the KB/MB/GB ...prefixes in the first place adopted the new prefixes aswell...

And those are not basically the same thing... that might have worked 10years ago, but today its NOT working anymore... While the difference was only 2% for KB/KiB, its already 7% for GB, 10% for TB, and so on...
So Windows would display only 1800GB to people who have bought a new 2TB harddisk ...i dont consider that a "marginal difference".
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