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Originally Posted by Themerion
Well. The speed gain is not significant, and it might never matter, BUT IT FEELS BAD WITH ALL THIS STUFF RUNNING WHEN I DON'T NEED IT TO!
Your bad feelings have no relevance to the objective worth of this proposed optimization. It remains worthless. Even if it were significant, I have good reasons to insist that all code using this library uses it's event responses. Again, if you disagree, feel free to add the optimization to your own map yourself.

I'm not quite sure if you mean variables or callback-functions. If you mean that I benefit from having the target unit on spell finish, when I only use spell cast, then you are simply wrong. If you thought that I wanted you to remove a callback-function (such as spell finish), then you are wrong as well :)
Some of the spells in map might need to have event response variables at spell finish, for them I want struct population. But certainly most of my spells won't (which is why I want to be able to bypass the struct in those cases).
Emphasis mine. Your statements contradict each other. Please revise your message so it is internally consistent.

I even wrote that it should be inlined/optimized away/whatever you will call it. I just assumed that if VexMapOptimizer finds if false then, it will remove that statement.
One if statement vs no if statement is still insignificant. This isn't a physics system, please stop asking that it be optimized as one.
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