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Well, ability suggestions...

So there's this cool idea that I want to use, but I'm certainly not against it showing up elsewhere (and who knows if I'll even ever make it...). It's supposed to go on this "Crusader" hero (based off the War3 Beta screenshots and info); sort of like a mounted pally, but less "holy" and more "noble combat". He'd have this massive lance, and use various "Seals" in combat.

Anyway, the idea is an ability called "Look Out, Sir!". It's a passive ability that gives the Crusader a modular, dynamic Evasion; based on the number of nearby units (i.e. set a certain amount, say 3% for each nearby unit, and with a squadron of 12 around him he's got 36% Evasion).
The concept being that, in the middle of battle, it's chaos. Arrows flying, spells crackling, swords and pikes clanging against shield and armor, the screams and cries of the dying... It's easy to get blindsided. However, as the commander of an army, your loyal troops are like an extra 200 sets of eyes, and warn you of incoming attacks with a well-timed "Look out, Sir!!".

How To

Basically, you make a custom Evasion ability that has as many levels as you think you'll ever have units (make your own cap), and assign the Evasion amounts per each level accordingly (Auto-Fill is your friend :P). Then you trigger it so that On-Attack of the Crusader with that ability, you count up all the nearby friendly units and make the ability-level equal that. (Obviously, you'd probably want to do something a little more MUI and non-leaky, but that's the basic GUI solution. :P)

A Possible Version

... would involve making this passive ability... into an Aura. So every nearby friendly unit has Evasion based on the number of every other nearby friendly unit. IMBA!!! :P

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