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Computer players give control of their units to their allies

Seconding this as a micromanaging problem. Who wants to control of their AI allies? No point of even having AI if you are FORCED to have control of their units.

Dont get me wrong it's a good map, but it'd be a lot easier if the AI did his own job and didn't leave you to micromanage him as well as your own guys.

Biggest problem though is the AI doesn't seem to even attack. I brought it back down to a 1vs1 with me in the NW and an AI in the SE and the AI player just sent all his guys to the middle area, almost breaching the entrace to my corner but not quite.. I waited.. and waited.. and waited.. but alas, he did not attack!?

If those two things could be fixed, IMO this would be pretty much a PERFECT map! ;)
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